An unexpected christmas present

Santa (read: dearest hubby) brought me totally unexpected a wonderful and enormous present. For a week now I have been sitting before it devotional and dreaming of what I will do with it.

I admit that I had taken a fancy to it when it was released in October 2019. The bigger hoop of 7.8×14 inch tempted me, as for some purposes the ITH bags in the 7,8x11inch hoop are too small. So the shoes of my daughter, size US 7 / UK 4.5, do fit into the 11 inch 3D-bag by Individual Pieces, but my husband’s shoes, size US 9.5 / UK 8.5, do not. And for hot-water bottle covers 11 inch is also too small.

But is there more to the Janome Mc550e than the big 7.8×14 inch hoop? Well, you have to take a very close look to find the differences. I have compared the manuals page by page and found these additional values:

  • Bigger font in the manual (yes, this is a benfit for older eyes if you do not need to put on your reading glasses), there are only minor textual changes
  • Because of the bigger hoop there are some more pages in the manual explaining how the hoop works and how to do the new inbuilt ITH designs. There are now 80 pages instead of 71 so far.
  • There are 20 new inbuilt designs, mostly for the bigger hoop:
    • 3 ITH designs for puppet monsters
    • 3 Sashiko designs
    • 14 wedding designs (for all hoop sizes)
  • The machine comes with four hoops: 7.8×14.1, 7.8×7.8, 7.8×5.5, 5.5×5.5 . The hookup is the same so all the other hoops can be attached also.
  • There is one new function: Automatic shutdown after some time that the machine is not used. I find that very practical, as I sometimes leave my machine to do something else and then I forget that I am stitching.
  • The embroidery editor 2.0 now includes the new hoop but no other changes (as far as I could see so far).

There are also some small disadvantages:

  • The 7.8×11 hoop is not part of the delivery. But as I have many designs in this size I have either to keep the hoop of the old machine or order another one. It would be a waste of stabilizer to use the 14 inch hoop for 11 inch designs. Furthermore I can use the 11 inch hoop with the riser on my husband’s shirts but they are too small for the 14 inch hoop and the riser.
  • There is still missing a warning at the function for change sizing that changing the size of the design might reduce the quality of the stitchout and that many (German) designers do not allow that their designs are enlargened or diminished.

Well now, I have to take heart to put up my new machine and test it. Will tell you when I have found the courage to do it.

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