Hello 2020!

Finally it is there – 2020! And it will hopefully a good year – with gorgous and memorable events with family and friends, with time for creative work, with time to relex and much more.

At the beginning of a year there are traditionally good resolutions for the new year. My biggest one is that I will reduce my goals. Not that I do not want to do much but I want to leave more space for creative ideas instead of being overwhelmed by to many intentions. And I do not want to be dissappointed at the end of this year when I realize that I could not meet all my goals as there are are also the little bit of household chores, family and my job which need my attention.

Therefore I have a short and general list this year:

  • In my spring patchwork quilt workshop I want to finish my „Looking forward to Canada“ wall hanging for which I have already begun to stitch.
  • My fabric stash needs to be reduced in order to make room for new fabric, so I want to sew some things perhps a dress, a pair of trousers or a bag.
  • My childrens’ stashes also need to be reduced before they will outgrow the designs of the fabrics.
  • Thinking about embroidery designs I want to buy less new ones and do more of those I already have.
  • The mountain of repairwork and UFOs (UnFinished Objects) needs to be reduced as it takes up to much space in my sewing room.
  • Furthermore I want to to some more decorations for our home. For the Christmas Season I have a tablerunner, placemats, wall quilts, tree hangings and for autumn I have a table runner. So I need something for spring and summer!
  • And of course I want to write my blog further.

So, what is on your list?

By the way, the picture of the day shows some more of the freebies of serveral designers to honour the new year (from left to right and top to bottom: Off with their threads, ABCreations, SIB, 1String to Rule, TCD, RockQueen, Bines Kreative Ecke). Keyfobs for family and friends. These are wonderful little projects to reduce the stash of bits and pieces of vinyl, faux leather and felt. Tomorrow they will be finished with holes or KamSnaps.

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