Bye-bye 2019!

And again a year has flown by. Astonished I look at the past 364 days in which I wrote 186 German blog posts and almost as much English ones. In some weeks (mainly my vacations) I actually managed to write each day but then there were phases like these holidays in which I did not have the time or energy for it. But looking at the average I published every second day.

And this next to the creative work about I write as well as the little bit of household work, my two children who keep me on the go as if they were twice as many and my three quarter job as an engineer with which I generate the funds for my fabrics, threads and embroidery designs. So I am a little proud of myself. And it reconciles me with having only accomplished a part of my goals for 2019 and the ideas that kept flowing in during the year. The ideas come quicker than I am able to do the projects. But this way I do not need to fear boredom during my retirement in about 20 years …. A woman has to be prepared for old age in more than financial ways!

Almost 10.000 visitors read my little articles in 2019 – I am so happy. A big heartfelt thank you to you all – especially to those readers that follow my blog. You are my mojo!

To celebrate the changing of years I made some table decorations though it was not easy to chose. So many designers gave free designs to this occasion. I finally decided I absolutely needed FruBlomgrens original design on my table center piece tablemat. And each of us got a new coaster on goldcoloured faux leather. Usually I like it if the style of coasters is similar on the table but as I could not decide on one design I did four different ones: the mugrub by Ferberline (with the year added from a font in my machine), a coaster by Bastelspatz und Minizauber, the lucky wreath by Individual Pieces and the cool text by binimey. The last two designs I did on a coaster by Individual Pieces. Thank you to all the designers for their generosity and their creativity with which they give happiness and inspiration to us!

Now the feast can begin! Have a happy new year 2020!

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