Merry Christmas 2019!

Though it was warm as in springtime during the few days today is finally Christmas Eve. The children are looking forward to the meal and the presents afterwards. This year we are so early with all the prepartions that I even have time for a short blog post.

As table decorations today we will finally have the self-sewn table mats, for which I had bought the fabric with the christmas table mat designs more than a year ago when the fabric shop in the next village closed. I wanted to them during the autumnal patchwork workshop, then in the spring workshop, and finally found the time to finish them.

As we could not decide if we wanted a red or a green border I did both of them and we actually we like them both.

In honour of the occasion I will wear my birthday presen, that I ordered on the artisan market in Aachen this autumn. It is a scarf made in the Japanese Nuno style which means that in delicate silk fabric wool is felted together with some pearls and pallettes. Maria Djili of Atelier Mari made this for me by hand. Isn’t it lovely and unique?

And now I wish all my dear readers a wonderful and merry christmas.

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