Lisbon – chau!

Today it is time to go home. It has been a very interesting and wonderful week of vacation!

But we are also looking forward to be home again as

  • the food here is very nice but still we miss our bread (and the son his most beloved “Schinkenwurst”)
  • the tabwater here is full of chlor so the one at home tastes much better
  • our beds are much better to sleep in and to wake up without pain in the back
  • there are less stairs (even though we feel our training already)
  • at home the internet connection is fast and reliable
  • St. Martin and the Christmas season await us
  • we can only come back (and we would like to do that) when we go home before

As our flight is due in the afternoon we enjoy the city with its tiles and old houses. Take the tram. This time the Ascensor da Gloria which is build to go up a steep street without the guests feeling it.

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