Lisbon – day 4

After some shopping a visit to the old castle San Jorge is due which looms over our flat only 200 m airline 90 meters above us, around 900 meter to walk.

It is only a short way but it is very steep. And the old castle from which only the walls still stand is full of staircases. But the view from there is really worth it.

Most of the castle was destroyed by the big earthquake in 1755. Only the outer wall and the towers still stand. Just imagine being a knight in the middle of a fight and running over the steep stairs. O, I am so happy that I only have to carry myself and can walk as slowly as I need to.

For the children the highlight of the visit is the flock of peacocks that live in an old tree in the middle of the park.

At the exit some artists show their skills. A musician is playing an African harp, very interesting and with a luring melody. And I like the drawings of a painter who uses coffee as ink. Of course I need a picture for our collection of drawings that we have collected all over the world. After I have paid he draws a caricature of himself on the envelope for the picture. Isn’t that original?

In the evening we have dinner in a typical Portuguese restaurant which is run by half a dozen young men. The menu of a dozen dishes is written on a chalkboard. The dishes are similar to Spanish tapas, little plates with food. So we order about half of the dishes to share with each other. I favour the two Portuguese stews but our sons stays with the chips (we had thought batata frita would be French fries but they are actually self-made potato chips). For dessert the children chose mousse au chocolat and our son is adamant about it being without decoration. When the mousse comes the daughter wishes she would have been also so picky about her food because her dessert is decorated with olive oil and coarse sea salt. For the adults there is a tiny glass of a sweet dessert wine much better than the Italian grappa we think

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