Lisbon – day 2

The day starts again with rain, really heavy rain. So what should we do? Visit the ozeanium, of course, as we are very fond of aquariums (therefore we visit each year in Denmark the ocean museum in Esbjerg)!

The one in Lisbon is of course much bigger, having also the temporary exhibition “Forests Underwater” by worldfamous aquascaper Takashi Amano which impresses us. It is of course an aquarium which is designed like a Japanese garden, which is supposed to provide visitors with a contemplative, relaxing, calming and soothing experience. Even our children feel this and sit down to watch the fishes.

Afterwards we go over the bridge to the isle in a little lake which is feed by the river Tejo. The building has two stores with a huge aquarium as a core with 5 million litres of seawater who make a home for different types of sharks, rays, BARSCHE as well as barracudas, several big sunfishes, a swarm of thunas and sardines. We have never seen such big fish in an aquarium, some of the shares were 2 to 3 meters long, the manta rays with equal wide wings and the biggest sunfish hat at least a metre in diameter – really impressive.

The first floor offers a lot of different views into the main aquarium as well as several smaller ones. In the four corners of the building there are outside habitats showing different regions of the world:

  • Middle European with sea birds
  • Middle Europea with sea otters which are bigger than we thought so far
  • Antarctic with two big pieces of ice and penguins
  • Tropical with mangroves where we find a calla lily which we saw in South-Africa

The basement is designed similar with a lot of views into the big aquarium. From here you can see that its floor is designed like the ground of the ocean with a lot of stone, holes and HÖHLEN where a lot of small fishes live. And we could see that the outside habitats from the first floor are also connected to it as we saw the otters as well as the birds dive here. Furthermore there are several smaller aquariums with rare fish as well as some exhibitions themed preservation of nature and frogs.

After five hours we have seen everything (and what we missed we can look up on the homepage) und are famished. Therefore we have a belated lunch in the  #Seathefuture restaurant and while watching our food being cooked the son goes shopping in the museum shop where he fell in love with turtle who will accompany us home now.

Being refreshed and with the sun out we take a ride with the cable car to the Vasco-da-Gama-Tower who was turned into a 5-star-hotel after the world exhibition 1998. We had a very good view onto the longest bridge in Europe the Ponte Vasco da Gama who cover 12, 345 km of the river Tejo and is 17,185 km long including the beginning and exit.

Such an interesting but also exhausting day!

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