Lisbon – day 1

Even on a rainy day the view from our flat below the roof is interesting. Wearing rain coats we start to explore the city in search of a market hall with food market that we read about.

Our son notices that the traffic light people look different than at home.

The way to the market is very interesting, all the old houses with the colourful tiles. And the place of commerce (pt. Praça do Comércio) with its huge space is stunning to see and walk through.

After a good half hour of walking we finally find it. Even though half of the stalls are still closed there are enough to find nice fruit. And the food market with the dishes, called time-out market, is marvelous: very delicate dishes even for gourmets (with corresponding prices) especially for lunch. But after a good look around we also find a nice breakfast with pancakes and toast with eggs, ham and salmon.

On our way back we watch an artist piling stone scultures at the beach of the river Tejo. We enjoy the skyline with the low hanging clouds.

Astonished we see the numerous places where you can buy sardines or other fish in oil. A small tin costs between 4 and 18 Euro.

When the rain becomes stronger we go back to our flat to enjoy our fresh fruit and to play games. We have to test our newly embroidered dice trays (by String Theory) which we did on our departure day. Our games we transport in an ITH zipper bag (by RockQueen) adorned with some stitched dices (by EmbroideryDesigns).

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