Let’s see if Lisbon is worth a visit

Having enjoyed Malta so much during last year’s autumn vacation we chose this year to explore Lisbon. So many friends have told gorgous travel stories about this city. And what would be better to enchant the children with geography and history than travelling to a place with so much touchable history?

The air here is so different than at home – warm, mild and a hint of the sea. The old houses are decorated with colourful tiles – so pretty. Even in the metro tunnels.

Our holiday home is located near the place of the figtree (pt. Praça da Figueira) in the part of Lissabon that was rebuilt after the big earthquake in 1755 called Baixa Pompalina. But we have to climb a lot of stairs to reach our flat which is situated in an old house under the roof with two floors. But the view from our window is absolutely worth it!

In the evening we have dinner in a small restaurant with Portuguese kitchen, it is so mild that we can sit outside and watch people pass. What a wonderful feeling of vacation!

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