25 years ago Halloween startet to invade Germany and to push away our lantern going at Sanct Martin when children follow Sanct Martin on a horse singing songs often accompanied by a marching band and proudly present their self-made lanterns. After about an hour of walking the walk ends at a big fire and the children receive a special bun.

10 years ago there were more children coming after the lantern for singing and collecting sweets than on Halloween. Today the children only come on Halloween, and when I ask them to give me a song or a rhyme in exchange for sweets some of them turn away and go because they don’t know any. Isn’t that sad?

Looking from the point of view of merchants Halloween is of course more attractive with all those pumpkins, ghosts, spiders, bats, monsters and death stuff. Like the pretty pumpkin face stuffies by Individual Pieces which can also be used later as pincushions.

What about your experience with St. Martin and Halloween?

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