Looking forward to Canada – block No 2

As second block for my anticipation to Canada wall hanging I chose a design by EmbroiderLibrary: a brown bear in the mountains as we really would love to see one from a safe distance.

The design for the 8×8 inch hoop is very detailed with a lot of stitches: 68.000 stiches and almost 3 hours to do. It is very dense, almost too dense for my machine. Even with cut-away stabilizer and a basting stitch the fabric puckered a lot.

At least I had no needle-break as I had with another very dense EmbroiderLibrary design some time ago. In that design there was a spot after three quarter of the time that was so dense that the needle broke. At first I thought the breakage was due to the usage of the needle. But the new one also broke immediately and made a hole into the fabric.. Therefore I had to do the design again and I enlargened it a bit at the machine, ca. 5%. As it an American design I am allowed to do it (in contrast to the German designers who forbid any changes in size). With this enlargement the fish was stiched without needlebreak and significantly less puckering.

What a pity that I did not think of enlargen the bear also. But I still do like the design and think it will be ok in my wallhanging.

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