A new home for my camera

For my little camera I have been using for years a bought felt bag that looks like a camera itself. But the hook and loop is old and does not work properly anymore. Last year on Malta and this year in Denmark I have lost it several times (and found again).

Now I have finally found time to make a new one. Fitting to my new bag for my electronic devices I chose the red faux leather and the pretty poppy fabric that FruBlomgren made last year. And as I wanted to see what is in the bag I chose the aperture closure design by Urban Threads.

As original the design is I was really disappointed by the making of the bag. The European designers have all lined bags but this one was without one. But thanks to my experience in making lined bags and the buttons to jump forwards and backwards I managed to line the bag.

So much work! But I still like the result.

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