An hour as a gift

This night the clock was changed from summer time to winter time and I love to have another hour of sleep.

It is discussed if the EU will end the summer time which was introduced in the former EG in 1979 – the year I started school and my brother was born. I really do hope so because noone needs to have longer summer evenings when you have to get up early as in winter and because no energy is saved because of it. Especially when there are so many disadvantages to it:

  • health issues to people and cows
  • IT problems
  • changing of clocks twice a year (and train schedules)

Just to name a few. So, I do hope that the EU will finally decide to omit the change next spring in order to more naturality and better health for most of us.

Meanwhile I enjoy changing my clock in the sewing room. I had to change the clockwork as it did not work properly anymore and chose this time not only a clockwork but a whole clock instead where I assembled my clock face that I did last year.

It looks gorgous and on top it is so quiet I can hardly hear the movement of the hands.

What do you think about summer and winter time?

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