A couple of days ago it was the make-something-nice-day but today the task is mor difficult. What does make a difference? Especially a positive difference! Everything else would be easy.

Well, I spent my creative time today producing keepsakes for a dear late friend. Thanks to the pretty and simple keyfob design by Nanas Handmade Baby this was easy: 6 fobs in my biggest hoop. Silvery faux leather and a little picture beneaht transparent vinyl. IN the picture above I hid the photography under a picture of an angel statue in the parque out of respect to the deceased.

The most difficult was the cutting of the pieces. If this could have been done with a scan and cut plotter? If so, it would really be worth the expense.

I hope that the family will like these little keepsakes which will last longer than the usual flowers. What would you think?

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