Tiny piece of lint – big bird’s nest

It is a busy time of the year having started with christmas projects. So no good time for my machine to stop working proberly. The bobbinfil was showing on top and so I cleaned the machine, changed the needle but still it wasn’t any better. Is she broken again? Oh, please not, I habe so many ideas to be done.

So I phoned my techniscian quickly and could come buy almost immediately. He looked closely at my machine with a pair of magnifying glasses and could so locate an itzybitzy tiny piece of lint in the bobbin case which took the tension out of the bobbinfil way. It was a very small piece not even a millimeter long. Without it the machine worked smoothly. How lucky I was!

Only a couple of days later another problem occurred. This time there was a bird’s nest below the stitch plate eacht time I started the machine. So I cleaned the machine thoroughly around the bobbin case even using my new magnifying glass. But I cannot solve the problem. This time my technician could help me through the phone. He thought that there might be some lint in the top thread way.

Though I had cleaned the way with a piece of felt, but as the problem did not vanish I took off the cover over the thread way. With my magnifing glass I searched for the lint and acutually found a small piece of perhaps half a centimeter which was jammed into the top thread way. It was a fight to get it off. Finally it was gone. Would the machine work now again? Well, actually she did and I am happy again.

So, now I know I have to use my glasses when cleaning the machine.

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