Looking forward to Canada – block no. 1

Three years ago I stitched and sewed a wall-hanging in anticipation of our trip to Southafrica 9 month later. Now it is time to work our anticipation of our trip to Canada next summer into another wall-hanging.

Last weekend I told you that my head is full of ideas that want to be put into action. Some of them are time consuming as there are many embroidery designs and sewing steps included; others are done with one hooping. As I am lacking patience and time to do all steps of a time consuming project in a row I started mixing the projects dependent on the time I have of crafting at the moment.

Especially this Canada wall-hangig needs lots of hoopings and time and patience as the planned designs by EmbroiderLibrary and UrbanThreads have many stitches. At the weekend I finished the first block, a desgin by UrbanThreads defining our travel destination.

During the next weekends I want to do the other designs as the next patchwork quilt workshop is terminated for the third weekend in November where I want to finish this wall-hanging. Please keep your fingers crossed for me that I will manage to prepare everything until then.

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