A marvellous DVD library

Usually I show my crafted work here but today I have to share my husbands work. I am so proud of him!

But wait, I have to start at the beginning. One of the first things we bought when we were a young couple was a sideboard for our living room where there was a special space designated for the TV. One of the big old TVs as they were common back in the last century. And as we had little time to watch TV since the children entered our live we were contend with that big old thing for a very long time.

But this summer it was finally necessary to go with the time and get a modern LED-TV. But even the smallest one was too big for our sideboard. So what shoud we do? We still like our sideboard and did not want to part with it also.

So I suggeted to search for some shelves to put into the hole reserved for the TV. Shelves for our DVDs. And so we started to search.

Of course the measurements we needed were not common measurements for shelves so we did not find anything. Instead my dear husband decided to make the shelves himself. He even outdid himself because he not only made one shelf fitting the hole but also a smaller one that slides on wheels before the bigger one. So we can use more of the space and still do not have to search for a DVD in the second row.

Absolut marvellous! I am so proud to have such a gifted husband who has also done two shelves for my sewing room, one for the small cones by Mettler and one for the boxes of Smart Thread. I will keep him!

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