World day of statistics

Did you know there is a world day of statistics? Actually it is today – a good moment to have a look at the statistics of my one year of blogging adventure.

381 days ago I started to write regularly, not daily but at least at 232 days, which means 6 out of 10 have a post. And as I write most of the time in two languages (my mother tongue German and English which I have loved since my first lesson at school) I have done 460 posts so far. Only on six days (3%) I only did a German one. Every post has an average of 260 words.

Around 13500 people have visited my blog since I started, which means a little more than 1.000 per month, which are 35 people per day. And I am happy about every reader! What has astonished me is that people from 65 countries around the world have visited.

Main focus of my blog is crafting, so half of the articles are about crafting. Especially machine embroidering is my favorite so it is three quarters of the crafting posts show machine embroidery. And every fifth posts is about sewing. Another focus of my blog is on our travels, which means every tenth post.

I am really enjoying my bloggin and would love to do more posts but next to job, family, houshold and the actual crafting that I write about there is little time for the actual writing. Let’s see how this might change with the children growing up. In every case I am happy that I started this little adventure and will continue it. I am looking forward to you reading it and perhaps even leaving a comment.

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