When my children were small and being driven in the buggy we loved the sunflower time. We stopped at every sunflower to speak a little nursery ryhme:

I’m a little sunflower look and see
Here is my stem and here are my leaves.
When the sun comes up, I turn my head.
When the sun goes down I go to bed.

Yesterday we finally sold the buggy after standing at least six years unused in the garage. Though the children are too grown up by now for this rhyme but they still do love sunflowers. Therefore we enjoyed the sunflowers growing next to the fields in Denmark this summer.

And as we love sunflowers so much I just had to do the new friday faces by FruBlomgren who now take terms with Madame Blaa on our table beneath the flower vase. I will do even more friday faces in order to give the four of us a cheerful table mat.

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