Have you met Madame Blaa?

For three weeks FruBlomgren has now released her Friday faces, a little design set with a funny face. Two weeks ago it was Madame Blaa, a kind blue coffee pot as it was popular during the 50ies. As blue has always been my favourite colour Madame Blaa was invited over for coffee.

She and her flowers are adorning now a table mat from IKEA and her smile makes us smile every morning. At first I only wanted Madame Blaa with one twig of flowers but that was too dull, so I added some more flowers. And I did not like the edge of the table mat so I hid it under a colourful bias tape that I have bought this summer at stof e stil in Vejle.

And as I was sewing the bias tape I took the opportunity to repair my autumnal table runner that I did last year with FruBlomgrens pumpkin elves. The bias tape was torn at the edges which I hid now under a contrasting bias tape.

These Friday faces are so charming that I plan to do a whole series of table mats with them.

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