Day of doing something nice

Today is the official day to do something nice. What a good day to have friends over to coffee and talking!

We are a group of four mothers that met at school in the parents’ council where we did big projects together: the party of the 125th year of the school, the yearbook, the school garden and a lot of small ones. By now the children have outgrown primary school but still the four of us meet regularly. And so we grew older together, my friends have already had their 50th birthday. At the parties those of us not being the one celebrating her anniversery did a picture book with pictures and letters of all guests.

In order to keep these books neat and tidy I made covers – of course with embroideries. An the backside there is a square made of 4 squares with „portraits“ of us four. The first birthday lady loves fancy hats and jewelery, therefore she is represented by the lady of fashion (by La Grange aux Loups). The second on loves to swim so much that she is almost a mermaid (by FruBlomgren). Number three loves carnival (by RockQueen). Well, and I the last and youngest, I love to sew and embroider (by cathy 73). All four of us are positioned over a stipple design (by JustSewSandy) and with a frame.

The front pieces are individual with the name, the 50 in remembrance of the anniversary and a design, that either reminds of a special film that we watched, of the name of the recipient or takes up the design of the invitation card (all designs by Embroider Library and fonts by RockQueen, Baby Kays, Dreams and out of my machine).

And as we are all different the covers are different also. For the friend who loves to take her book to meetings with other friends and even into vacation, got a tote bag. Then there was a book cover and a pillow-type cober. And as picutures are digital nowadays there is little pockets for the picture CD. In the book cover I have sewn this CD pocket quite creative upsidedown, as I was a little bit too tired. But with a button the CD is secured, so no harm done. It is a hand-made one-of-a-kind piece – made with little mistakes and lots of love.

And what nice things have you been doing today?

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