Autumnal fabric fair in Kerkrade, The Netherlands

On the 3rd of October there is every year in Kerkrade (The Netherlands) a big fabric market. As in the last year and that before I was there with my friends today even though it was rainy and quite cool in the morning. But we were lucky as later the sun came through and it was almost nice in the sunshine. We could even enjoy the scenery of pretty old houses.

Thanks to the autumnal weather it was not as crowded as in the last years which was of course a pity for the merchants but nice for us. We did not have to wait as long as usual when we wanted to buy and instead of feeling like a sardine in a box there was enough room to walk.

The four of us went systematic through the rows of the market showing each other pretty fabrics and absurd designs. As always there were loads of pretty fabrics, at two stalls I could have bought every third. But I was humble and only bought some vinyl for my stash and some cotton for actual projects and some 20 bobbins – all of them were on my list. I only endulged myself with two extra pieces of fabric that are even not for me but for my daughter. Both of them very soft minky fabric, one looks like the tail of a mermaid, which is going to be a mermaid tail blanket for my mermaid daughter which she wanted so have for so long. The other one is also a minky with two sides, horses on one side and horseshoes on the other, from which I want to do reading pillows for my daughter and her best friend.

After four hours we had seen all and were very cold. So we went into one of the pretty coffeehouses around the market place for a cup of coffee. Instead of going to the one we always do we tried another one, which has several levels. We took the trouble to go three stairs to the top floor which rewarded us with a gorgous view over the market place and with quiet as all the other guests stayed below.

Being warm again we took another small turn over the market to see if we really did not want the fabric that we liked but had not yet buyed. And I had a look at a machine seller booth where I could see in real the new Janome MC 550e. Oh, I am very much interested in this machine which has a 2 inch longer hoop. There was also a cover machine which is able to sew bias tape which is also very interesting. But I was lucky the Dutch shop is more expensive than my trusted German merchant, so I have time to sleep over this investment. But the nice lady at the booth was so happy I was interested in the machines that she not only gave some brochures but also a small role of Mettler sewing thread, a nice pen and a Dutch Bernina brochure with several nice patterns.

What a wonderful day! I am looking forward to next year and am even pretty certain that I will have used all my shoppings of today until then.

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