NameFabric labels for me

It is almost a year that I received my first order of Lisa Bee’s Namefabric, and today my third order arrived. This time without the duane adventure as I did not order as much as last year.

The first time I was hooked on the wonderful panels for the Siren Tote by XOXO Lauren, my turtle tote and my leopard tote which my daughter occupies most of the time. My other projects are still awaiting to be done. But I could not resist to order another time, as there Lisa now offers very pretty labels. Aren’t they pretty?

Of course I have ordered more as the postage from America to Europe is so high. But the different panels I have ordered are for birthday and christmas presents so I have to wait with the presentation until I have given the finished projects to their recipients. The panels are so pretty that I am looking forward to use them. And you can look forward to me showing them.

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