Why do you need sticking tape in your sewing room?

Thread, fabric, scissors and needles – these are expected to be in a sewing room. But why do I need sticking tape, I was asked the other day by a non-sewing friend? Even 5 different types?

  1. clear adhesive tape: As my sewing room is my DIY room where I also pack presents, clear tape is absolutely necessary. Furthermore it can be used to secure thread on a spool or stick paper to a box. And for wrappig parcels I even have a big role on a practical unwinder.
  2. duct tape: This is the tape most used by me. I need it to secure the zippers on endless zipper tapes before they are sewn, so that the zippers do not accidentally slip out. Also when making ITH bags (which I love to do) I need this tape to secure the fabric pieces before they are sewn. With a little exercise it can be ripped by hand. Only when a clear edge is needed I cut it with a pair of scissors. For these tasks I use the silvery type that can be bought in any tool store. But when I need to fix the holes in my childrens’s rain jackets then I use the the more expensive tape which is available in different colours. So I have not only a big role of the silver type but also a small role of each blue, green and red tape.
  3. masking tape: If I want to put a name on something for a short time, this tape is perfect. No scissors needed, just rip it with your hands. But a high quality type is necessary in order to have no sticky residue and to be able to remove it easily. As it is designed to be easily removed it is not up to the task of ITH projects as it only hold thin fabric for a very short time. It is too weak for vinyl and canvas and felt.
  4. double-faced adhesive tape: I have two sizes in stock. A very small one which I use to close the turning opening on small ITH bags (though I often sew it addionally as the tape does not last very long, but it is easier to sew when the fabric is fixed). Also for sewing zippers on vinyl when I cannot use needles to fix it the tape helps. A wide tape I need when I want to fix a stitched picture in a picture frame.
  5. Washi tape: Newest addition in my collection is this japanese type of type which is not only functional but also nice to look at. Very easy way to mark pencils for school. I have also read that it is good for ITH projects instead of duct tape. But I have not tried that so far as I do not want to use the pretty tapes for throwing them away after use. But there will be a Washi-tape by Sweet Pea soon, that is meant to use for this type of project. So I am looking forward to try that.
duct tape in use for an ITH project – a zipper bag
Washi tape used to mark pens at school

Which type of tape do you use? What for?

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