Artisan Market in Aachen

For the 43rd time the big artisan market took place in Aachen on the first weekend in September. On seven squares in the old city there were 300 German and international artisans showing and selling their artwork. This year we were back from our holiday in time to attend the market after many years that we could not. I was so happy.

Altough I have been visting this market for more than 20 years I am every time surprised how many types of handcraft there is. Some of the stalls were familiar, as they have their stall always at the same spot on the Katschhof, that is the square between town hall and the Dome, or one of the other places. For example the brush maker. Aren’t household chores not better with such pretty colourful brooms and brushes?

New to me was „Brettman“ (Brett is the German word for board) who offered pretty woodwork. But these boards were not only very pretty with their colourful inlays they also have a hidden function – inlaid magnets which are so powerful as to hold scissors, knifes or spoons in case of the egg cups. I could not walk buy but had to buy a board for my sewing room – for my very good fabric scissors and of course to enjoy the view.

Sewing was one of the crafts displayed. I liked especially the bags made from truck canvas with the tellingly and charming name of Packesel (German for burro), an etsy shop.

Another feast for the eyes were the porcellaine flowers from Hungary. I bought a single white Calla flower as I liked these so much in South Africa.

Surprised was I discovering that carpets are woven in Germany. I loved the grey one with orange flowers and would like to have it for our living room but not before our children have left home. Hopefully the weaver will be still in business then.

And then there were jewelry, scarfs, vellum-bound notebooks, pictures, special fabric, several smithies, musical instruments and many more. I am looking forward to next year’s market. And what I endulged myself with this year I will show in future posts as I will put it to use.

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