Viva la Mexico

The ballet group in which my daughter dances took part in an exchange with Mexico. But my daughter, the youngest and smallest of the group, and one of the boys decided last year that they did not wanted to join. Of course this summer both of them were quite dissapointed when they saw the pictures and film and heart the stories. Nevertheless they went to the conclusion event today in order to know what to expect when they will take part in two years time.

To ease their dissapointment and to give them hope I made for both of them a little bag (design by Disorderly Threads) that looks like a typical mexican sugar scull on the Day of the Dead. As the journey is meant to educate the young dancers – not only to experience other countries but also to learn about different cultures what would be a better symbol as this tradtion which was inscribed by the UNESCO in 2008 in the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

On the back of the bags I used a font of my machine to write „Mexico 2021“ to remind them of their future journey. They can use it to collect the pocket money that they are already gathering. And as they will not carry it everywhere they also got a little zipper charm sugar scull (design by RockQueen) with „M 2021“ on the back.

I believe both of them were very happy with it. Certainly they are looking forward to the visit of the Mexicans next year and their own exchange then in two years time.

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