Happy to have a rest on a sunny sunday

After our recrative holidays it was quite a shock to start anew with everyday life: job for the parents, school for the children and also their numerous sports activities as well as my honorary posts. That left neither time nor power for writing in me. Also there were a lot of activities at the weekends, like the artisan fair at Aachen two weeks ago, about which I will write during the next days. Even for embroidering there was little time.

Only a few presents had to be made. My son took the sponsorship to a first year pupil and gave him the above shown pencil case (design by Individual Pieces). Furthermore we needed a thank you present for the lady who leads the childrends’ council in our parish – a little purse as an evelope to my son’s thank you letter (blank purse by FruBlomgren, design by EmbroidryDesigns and font of the machine).

Friends invited us to a birthday party and whished for money to sponsor their trip to Ireland, so as an evelope to the money and card we gave them a purse (by RockQueen) adorned with an Ireland travel design (by Urban Threads).

And now I am happy to have a very quiet sunday without activities which I will spend reading and writing outside in the sunshine. Enjoying the warmth before autumn comes with rain and darkness soon.

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