Bag in a handbag No. 2

A year ago I had made myself a bag to go into my handbag, a bag for my electronic devices – my office ipad mini, my office mobile and my private mobile. I found this bag in a bag very practical and love it and used it constantly.

This constant use has drawn its toll now on the faux leather. The embroidered part did not suffer so much as the not embroiderd back side. The faux leather was separated from the fabric that carries it.

So I had to make a new one. A good opportunity to use the pretty shiny, red faux leather that I found in my local fabric store. Again I did a ITH bag (by RockQueen) adorned with a feather design (Embroider Library) that was designed to go an a T-Shirt and also a monogramm out of my machine.

The new material seems to be more stable than the old one, so I wonder how long I will be able to use my new little beauty. Though I had enough designs to make myself every month a new one with, only there is not enough time to do that …

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