Look – Denmark!

Quickly the last three weeks passed and with them our holidays. We have done so memorable trips! Trips to other times in Ribe, in Esbjerg, in Christiansfeld and in Kolding-Hus. Trips to other spheres – to Legoland, to Lego-Hus and to the toymuseum. Furthermore we went to Rømø for the first time.

Now we are on our way back home and on the way we will say – look, Denmark! Because Denmark is so much more than the interesting historic places, than Lego and than the picturesque beaches.

Denmark that is also soft rolling hills with fields of grain (though already harvested at this time of year). Around these fields is one yard for wildflowers – so pretty with large sunflowers and poppies.

Denmark that is small villaeges with pretty houses, some of them even with names of their own. Pretty little white painted churches with old gravesyards, too. On this one there is burried an Anna who was born 1877 and died in 1975 – what a blessed long life.

The world is peaceful here. There a lot of houses with little booths where you can buy fruit, potatoes, vegetable, eggs. Marmelade, honey, salt. The price are on a list and you pay either at a cash box or by mobile pay. At one house the potatoes were so delicate that we bought three more bags to take them home, to keep the holiday feeling a little longer. There are also apples and bread in our luggage …

But our vacation is not yet over – we are looking forward to this evening’s highlight – a visit to the outdoor theatre at Bad Segeberg to see a Karl-May-Play! But more on that in the next few days …

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