A little holiday crocheting is a like a little meditation

Holidays are a time for all those things I like to do but do not find the time to do usually. One of these is crocheting that I even can do while driving (of course only when I am sitting next to the driver). So this holiday I wanted to finish my crochet project that I had started last summer.

Last year dear Marianne took me to the TEX-STIL fair in Vejle for the first time. There I had seen a colourful knittet triangle scarf that inspired me to crochet one myself. Looking for yarn I found one with bamboo that I wanted to try. And so I started my project that was much bigger than I had anticipated. So I only finished one third of it.

Back then I did not bother to suture the yarn ends as I do not patricular like this work. Had I only thought about this when I started the project! As I wanted each square to be quite colourful there are a lot of colour changes in them and each change makes two yarn ends. That makes 10 to 12 ends to suture for each square… So I did that to last years squares and crocheted the next third but still have to do the ends …

As I was distracted from my task by an request from Individual Pieces for testing a new crochet design for a star shaped basket. I did a tiny one at first to be able to give feedback quickly. Afterwards I wanted to do a big one for our breakfast buns. Then I needed unexpected a creative present for our visit at Mariannes. So what should I do when on sewing or embroidery machine was at hand? So I dedicated my bigger basked to Marianne and filled it with fresh danish blue berries.

Our bun basket will then be the project for the next vacation together with the last third of my triangel scarf …

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