Mobilee from beach findings

After so much inspiration yesterday with fruBlomgren we absolutely needed some creative activity of our own today. So little big daughter and me got back to our holiday crafting project – the fruBlomgren mermaid lace mobilee.

The modelled figured that we made a couple of days ago have dried long enough and could be painted now. We have been collecting stones and shells. The little branche, that we also need, are rare at our beach but dear Marianne was so kind as to gift me some of hers yesterday as well as a couple of beads. So we used these today for making a couple of ornaments.

It is not as easy as you would assume seeing Marianne’s models. Daughter and I have no expierence in bending wire and in contrast to me my daughter finds it quite easy to assemble the pieces. But we are on a good way I believe, though we are much slower than I had anticipated.

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