Inspiring Fredericia

Here in Lillebaelt there are so many pretty villages and so much to discover, i.e. the old fortification of the planned city Fredericia which was founded by Frederick III in 1650. Today the fortification together with the moat is a wonderful parc to roam, the old cannons which brought death in former times are now eyecatchers and lookouts.

But we did not have much time to enjoy the views as our main appointment was a visit at Marianne Blomgren and her dear husband Ole on this perfect summer day. After having coffee and icecream we had a walk to that beach which Marianne often shows in her Facebook fangroup.

When our children wanted to try the swing that Mariannes children had used when they were small they discovered something extraordinary: a big grass snake! And even more out of the ordinary it was feeding on a frog. Unfortunately it was quite shady below the trees so my picture is not so good as I did not want to frighten the poor thing more by using a flashlight.

On our way back through the woods we also saw a couple of very pretty but also very toxic death caps. How could my mother ever think that you could ever mistake a white button mushroom with this toxic green beauty? But now I know why green is called toxic.

Afterwards Marianne and Ole treated us with a dinner with a lot of typical Danish dishes. As a starter we had marinated herring with home made curry salad and Ole’s home made ‘Walnut Snaps’ – just a tiny glass each. Followed by two main courses. Firstly frikadeller with home made Potato Salad and secondly pork roast with cracklings with red cabbage on dark bread served with a cool rosé wine. For dessert there was tea and defaf Coffee with some oat cookies. Not to speak of the very inspiring talks we had.

Talking of inspiration, I had the chance to see some of the upcoming desings which will pursue the theme of the tiles in the Portuguese style – oh, I am looking forward to them even though that will mean my holiday is over. Furthermore I was allowed to browse through the books that Marianne wrote some 15 years ago. I liked the one with the little figures made of corrugated paper the most. If the childeren would be smaller than I would have tried to made these toys. But also the books about paper napkin applikation and card making and glass decorations were very nice. When we will go through a flea market I will try to find them. Even though I cannot speck Danish the pictures give so much inspiration.

While we talked about God and the world the children played with Mariannes collie and the Lego of her grown sons (being still inspired from our late visits to Legoland and Lego-House). Our gorgous visit ended too soon and will be in our hearts forever. Thank you so much, dear Marianne!

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