Sweet idleness

After 4 days with exciting excursions (toymuseum in Christiansfeld, the Lego-House in Billund, the Koldinghus and the island of Rømø) we need a day for relaxing in our holiday home. The weather was fine and so we tried finally our pool which is warmed with a fire underneath, so that we felt sitting in a witch’s cauldron.

Laying in the Pool, reading in the sunshine, BBQ – that is holiday!

And with our pretty, individual coasters we really feel at home here. My daughter’s mermaid coaster I have shown already, but of course everyone is having an own coaster: a turtle for the son (which was the friday freebie of Spunky Stitches at the beginning of August), for dear hubby a round coaster by Individual Pieces with a fishing hook by EmbroiderLibrary and for me of course a nice mugrug by FruBlomgren.

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