Rømø – Sun, Beach and Fabric

A perfect summerday consists of sun, blue sky, flat sea and a slight wind, just enough to let the kites fly. And this we enjoyed at the North Sea on the small and pretty island of Römö.

For me the highlight of this wonderful day was a visit to a fabric shop that Marianne Blomgren had recommended. Even my non-sewing husband was excited. The shop is located in an old thatched house is the Römö Manufaktur. Here you can find in very small rooms lots and lots of wonderful, extraordinary fabric, and in the garden there are even three big overseas containers stuffed with more fabric. We really enjoyed our stay there and shopped a little. The children found some fabric for shirts, leggins and pillows. My dear hubby chose a fabric with mathemtatic formulas on it of which he wants me to make a tie. And I also found one or other fabric – for a bag’s lining, for a quilt, for a bag, …

Certainly we will return next year. If I will have used all these pretty fabrics by then?

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