Another journey to the other dimension – Lego-House

After our wonderful visit to Legoland a couple of days ago we visited the Lego-House in Billund for the first time which opend two years ago. A totally different experience – no caroussels, no shows – only building, being amazed and building again.

Everywhere there are Lego bricks enough and to spare, in all sizes, forms and colours. Everywhere are inspirations for building – either free building or with a special theme. Right from the beginning where a huge Lego tree of almost 50 feet of height invites to build as there are so many bricks at its roots that the children could swim in them. And then the Lego waterfall where at its outlet the most impressing figures are built.

The children also liked the picture machines where they could take pictures of themselves with what they had build. These pictures will be downloaded tomorrow – a very special memory to a an exciting but also exhausting day. And we are very much looking forward to our next visit next year.

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