Timeless Toys

When we were in Christiansfeld a couple of days ago we saw this litte toy museum that is only open on some days in August until it is closed forever. Today was such a rare opening day and we took the chance to dive into history with the children.

Mansized puppet houses, as only the very rich could afford, big pedal cars, tin soldiers and wooden animals – oh, the shine in the childrens’ eyes – not only back then but also today with the high-tec kids. Luckily there were toys that could be tested which they both did happily.

Of course handiwork was part of little girls’ play. Aren’t these little sewing machines just gorgous? Full functioning and not bigger than a modern compact camera today. Oh, how I would love to have one!

And I was reminded of my own childhood: sticking games, mini-kicker, halma, Rubic’s Cube, an electric oven. My hubby saw a savings box for space flight fans that he would have loved to have as a child.

What a pity that this place is closing. But luckily these treasures are preseved in other museums and hopefully will be presented there with even more love and passion.

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