Mermaid fever

Our daughter is having mermaid fever. Therefore she chose a mermaid coaster for the holiday with a lovely FruBlomgren design. And our holiday crafting project is – could it be different? – a mermaid mobilee with the charming lace designs also by FruBlomgren. These little lovelies – mermaids and their round fish buddies – we stitched before the holiday, so that we can adorn them with pearls, shells and stones during the holiday.

So far we have been collecting shells and wood bleeched by the sea. And when it rained the other day we made starfish and octopi from modelling paste. The first wires and pearls are also done. We can hardly wait to assemble them at home.

But the higlight for our daughter was to finally swim in the sea with her mermaid tail, even though the water was quite cool. Her cool dad carried her to the runway so that she did not have to rob over the stones into the sea. Whose dream was fulfilled today, what do you think?

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