The miraculous catch of fishes

Angling is THE vacation hobby of my husband and since a few years also the one of our children. And when I saw the pretty designs „Dad fishing with daughter/son“ by PictureStitch I had to do these T-Shirts for them. And with these we went off onto the East Sea this year.

The weather was sunny and with almost no wind so we really enjoyed the one hour drive to the fishing spot. The skipper told us that he had been out already twice this day with guests but that they did not have any fishing luck. So we did not expect anything but having a good time.

But our son was so lucky as to have the first catch: a very pretty small starfish. Shortly after he had a very unlikely catch: a mackarel, even big enough to keep it. Then the big sister, who envied him a little, and the fishing dad also caught several codfishes though that had to go back into the water as they were too small. But finally our little master angler caught a codfish big enough to keep. We now call him Oscar so proud is he.

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