Men at the beach in Esbjerg

Even though the view from the four men statues at the beach of Esbjerg onto the port of it is not romatic they themselves are impressive being 9m tall and all white. Here the wind blows strong but you feel protected between the stones. Is the what the people on the Easter Islands felt between their stone heads?

But there are other interesting places in Esbjerg like the fisheries and maritime museum which we like since our first visit 9 years ago. Here are aquariums, in which slubs, herrings, codfishs and many more living in the North Sea can be seen. Especially interesting this year were the octopusses and the starfish digesting a sea urchin.

As it is also a museum there are not only living animals but also skeletons as well as in alcohol preserved ocean animals – so nothing for weak nerves. The preserved animals I found a little bit creepy but the skeletons of whales and the seal sculls were very interesting.

The museum has two changing exhibitions on fishery. The first one shows life on an offshore pliable platform. The second one shows how fishery was an important part of life in Esbjerg – with pictures of the fishermen, their wifes and their lives. With these in mind the exhibits on the outside come to life. For us it is hard to believe, that it would be a good paid job for the young men (they started with 15) a hundred years ago to work on these small boats where they lived 200 to 300 days a year with less than four hours of sleep and no sanitary units.

Those who dried the fish onshore were less lucky. They lives in very small huts at the beach, had to share beds that look like childrens’ one to me. An old life boat that had become unseaworthy after more than 30 years of use as a fisherboat was still used as the roof of a shed, a shed in which my 10 year old son cannot stand upright, a shed that was used 40 years – not a hundred years ago. No, it was shut down when I was the age of my son now.

Aren’t we having very good times now?

After so much impressive history the children were looking forward to the laboratories but these were closed today. Instead they could relax in a huge wooden ocotpus. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful playground for a Kindergarten?

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