A journey to another dimension – Legoland

When I was a child I loved to play with the Lego bricks from my Mom. And I think my children inherited this love. Therefore during each holiday in Denmark a visit to Legoland Billund is due – this year it is the ninth time!

And it is never boring only more relaxed. The fist time we wanted to fill every minute of the eight hours with activity. We had a detailed schedule how to make the most out ouf our stay and rushed our then little children through the park. Today we are more relaxed, visit only our favourite attractions (the children not only inherited the love of Lego but also some sentimantality from me so the want to visit some attractions though they have outgrown them by now): the flying UFO, the mono-rail, the haunted house, the 4D cinema, the viking ride and the indian canoe.

One of the sentimental activity is the pirates canoe, where the children are amused about the shown figures and the tale. But the best of this attraction are the nesting swallows living in the entrance of the cave. We could see how the parents were feeding the little one (but I was to slow in taking a good picture).

Like every year so far there was also a new attraction this year, not a carousel but an event: a medieval knight competition with real people and horses. Of course there were bricks involved – there were the prices. Even though this little lego version of an medieval knight competition cannot be compared to the big event at Castle Satzvey, it was charming and a nice diversion.

The weather was quite cool for the middle of August: most of the time it was clouded and in the morning we even had some little rain. The charming effect of this was that not so many people came and we therefore only had to wait a little at the attractions. In the afternoon the sun even showed herself and it became so warm that we could peel off our jackets. So my FruBlomgren seagull Hans could get some air and talk with the Lego pirate gull.

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