Miss Ibela Poppy

Finally finished. More than a year ago my catdress won a prize at FruBlomgrens embroidery and sewing contest: the pattern of dress Ibela by Freuleins. And though I started immediately with the production back then I only did the last seam last week.

Why did it take so long, you may ask. Well, you see there are quite a lot of emborideries on it (poppys by FruBlomgren) and while doing them it was time for first vacation and then the christmas production. After that my machine was broken and when it came back after 5 months I had to do the presents for teachers and coachs.

I finished the embroideries just before my sewing course where I thought I would have time to sew to cut dresses: my Kandinsky-Eliza and this Ibela. But it took me too long and so the course ended with me still having to do the sleeves and the seams. This I finally did two days before our vacation started.

Proudly I wore it on my date with FruBlomgren. There I noticed that it is a little wide. That’s not the fault of the pattern but due to me having lost 8kg since then. So, at the the next sewing course I will tuck the waist a little so this improvement of my figure can be seen.

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