A visit to Ribe

Ribe – a pretty little town in the heart of Denmark that we have liked since we first saw it 8 years ago. The last years we mainly visited the old viking village with the children where you can dive into history. But this year we acutally visited the town itself.

On Wednesdays it is Market day, so we first strolled around the market buying fruits, honey and some stuff. My son wanted to buy some used Lego but in the birthland of Lego even the used Lego is more expensive than at home. Afterwards we visited the dome whose origin goes back more than 1100 years to the missionary Ansgar of Bremen. The view from the belltower is absolutely gorgous so the steep stairs were worth every step.

On the way to the old castle we walked through beautiful little streets with lovely old houses where flowers blossom even without a garden in front.

Of the king’s castle little remains: a square island in a sea, a glimpse of the tower. The stones of the castle were reused in other houses of old Ribe, back then building materials were precious and therefore recycled. Isn’t is a romatic thought to have built one’s house with bricks from a castle?

Hundred years ago a statue was erected in the remains of the castle in remembrance of Queen Dagmar who is supposed to have died 1212 – with a nice view on the Dome which was not as grand back then as it is now.

Even though my shirt does not fit into the historical scenery I liked to wear it for the first time. On the left side FruBlomgrens geckos and moth run up and down and make me smile with their curious figures.

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