Fabric from Vejle

After the visit on the fair yesterday my head was buzzing with so many creative ideas that I could hardly sleep. Instead I thought about what I would do with the pretty fabrics that I bought yesterday in Vejle.

Two fabric shops Marianne showed me in Vejle. The first offered high end furniture fabric that are also good for bags. Here we both bought a higly reduced canvas for bags and pictures and an embossed velours. I liked this velours because it resembles a computer circuit board so I will use this to make a computer bag for me.

Furthermore I got some pieces from the grab bag. Colourful canvas for little bags and pillows as well as some golden vinyl which I want to use for a scabbard and a quivver for my son.

This fabric shop has also some space for young artist to offer their makings: pictures, clothes, decorations and special printed fabrics. Here I chose two prints that I see as a lining for one bag or the other.

Good, that I left my machines at home otherwise I would have already started to craft.

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