TEX-STIL 2019 with FruBlomgren

Today dear Marianne Blomgren gifted me with a wonderful and inspiring day when she invited me to the TEX-STIL fair at Vejle. Such charming conversation, so much inpiration – it was wunderful!

In contrast to last year this year the main theme was yarn for knitting and crochet. So many producers with so much choice of yarns, qualities, colours, material combinations! Why did I never learn to knit? But the yarn will also do for crochet I believe.

And if I had the beautiful wooden needles by Lykke in such a nice case … (only winking at my dear husband, soon it will be christmas …)

Kauni was also there again where I bought a nice warm jacket last year. This year they had new designs which were celtic inspired – I could not resists and ordered a short jacket and a long one. I can hardly wait until the delivery!

Consindering machine-embroidery, there was only one little booth in the corner where machine embroidery was shown on a very expensive brother sewing embroidery combination machine. But except for that it was only Marianne and me like walking advertising colums with our embroidered dresses and bags. That I was finally able to wear my poppy Ibela made me very proud and happy but more on that the next days.

But there were several designers for hand embroidery. I was especially fascinated of a type that looks almost like carpet weaving with charming desings. But where would I take the time for that?

There was also fabric for quilting – aren’t these quilt expamles not gorgours?

There were also several types of pillows. I especially liked the ones made from cork fabric. I would never have thought of using cork fabric for pillows, only for bags. Also the velour type ones were very pretty, which were adorned with machine embroidery which was enhanced with sewn-on pearls (by JAKOBSDALS).

In between our stay we had to rest for a while and drink some coffee on these handcrafted furniture made from palettes. Isn’t that a charming idea? Wouldn’t they be nice for the garden?

After visiting the fair Marianne showed me the shopping street in Veijle and a shop for special fabric. But enough for today, tomorrow is another day.

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