Mrs. Eliza Kandinsky

After the weather has cooled down this week I a again full of engergy and did a lot of stitching and sewing instead of writing here. So I finally finished one of the two dresses that I started in my late sewing course.

May I present? Mrs Eliza Kandinsky! I really do like the dress pattern Eliza by pattydoo (do you remember my first try: Miss Eliza Africa?) so I had to do it again with short sleeves out of the pretty scuba fabric that I bought at the fabric market in Mai and that the reminds me of the pictures by Kandinsky. Originally I did not want to hem the dress as the scuba does not fray. But when I wore the dress that way the other day I did not like it. The fabric is only printed and white on the back so you see the white at the edge.

Therefore I did hems all around and now I like it very much indeed. Today I wore it with my green necklace that my husband bought for me on Lanzarote for Mother’s Day. Isn’t it nice?

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