A majestic ruin – Koldinghus

We would call it a castle but with an elegant understatement the Danish just call ist Koldinghus. It was erected in 1268 and for seven hundred years it was frontier post, a residence for kings and queens, a governmental seat. The western wing was build by Christian I. If he felled his decision in favour of a Morovian settlement in Christiansfeld when he was sitting in his 57m long knights’ hall with the tall gothic windows?

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Mermaid fever

Our daughter is having mermaid fever. Therefore she chose a mermaid coaster for the holiday with a lovely FruBlomgren design. And our holiday crafting project is – could it be different? – a mermaid mobilee with the charming lace designs also by FruBlomgren. These little lovelies – mermaids and their round fish buddies – we stitched before the holiday, so that we can adorn them with pearls, shells and stones during the holiday.

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