Christmas in July

Christmas in Juli is an unofficial holiday in the southern hemisphere, where Christmas is actually celebrated in the summer. So residents from that area who wanted to have the wintry christmas feeling, began to throw Christmas celebrations in July, as that is the peak month of their winter season. We on the other side can now with 40°C in the shade today expierence how it is to have Christmas celebrations in the summer. Furthermore for all that want to gift handmade items the production time begins in Juli. Only 152 days until Christmas!

A lot of embroidery designers especially the English ones hold Christmas in July sales:

  1. EmbroiderLibrary started its Christmas Club yesterday. As a member of this club you collect one point for each $ spent until the 25th of December. For each 100 points you will receive a 10$ gift certificate. During the last years there were also special collectible designs, special sales and free designs for club members.
  2. Urban Threads has a 50% sale on special christmas designs, such as the Nouveau Christmas Series that I used for my first christmas wallhanging.
  3. EmbroideryOnline has a 25% sale on special christmas designs.
  4. Julia’s Needle Designs offers today 186 christmas designs set in a bundle for $14.99 as well as a lot of further sets for each 2$ instead of the regular $10.
  5. Green Roof Farms: Since 22nd of July until the 8th of August there is a daily special offer. Today you will get all releases of February 2019 for $86,50 (instead of $661).
  6. At Stickherz you can preoder for 32,90€ the advent calendar 2019, which will contain 24 designs in different sizes.
  7. Smart D’sign offers also an advent calendar for 30 AU $ an, in which the designs that will be offizially released in 2020 for only 25% of the regular price. The calendar can be bought in two different sizes (4×4 or 5×7).
  8. FruBlomgren has a 30% sale on 100 christmas designs, and with a high probability she will also offer an advents calendar. I am especially looking forward to this one. I only hope that I will have finally finished by then my table runner with the designs of the 2017 calendar.

Some designers had their Christmas in July event earlier as some people have these celebrations as early as the 12 th July. But in order to keep these designers in mind for the next year:

By the way today’s picture shows some christmas ornaments that I collected in earlier years at EmbroiderLibrary’s Christmas Club.

Well, I still do not feel like Christmas. Instead I am in the middle of the summer production. What about you?

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