Decorative thread cones

At the beginning of this year I told you about my dear husband’s love work for me when he made a special shelf for my embroidery threads. When I started embroidering three years ago I started with Amann-Mettler which makes absolutely lovely results. Last autumn I saw per chance an advertisement for the new German thread producer Smart Thread whose thread can be used for embroidery and for sewing with a regular sewing maschine and even a serger. That sounded interesting.

Eager for knowledge as I am I ordered my started pack a christmas present for myself. I really liked the colours and the shiny thread. My machines also liked to work with the thread and so I soon had ordered all available (74) colors. As the 1.000m cones are bigger than the 800m ones by Amann they do not fit into my selfmade shelf. So another solution had to be found!

And it was quickly found. My cones were delivered in pretty display boxes with a lit on which the boxes can stand in landscape format. But my shelf was too short for four landscape format boxes. And as my space is thus limited my husband suggested to cut off the lid and to put the boxes upright into the shelf. In order to prevent them from slipping he put a small wooden ridge onto the board. To the left and right there was even enough space for my little boxes with the multicolour SimThread cones and the Madeira Lana wool.

Very well indeed, but only until Smart Thread released 24 new colours last month (and new bobbin thread also). Of course I had to order them as soon as possible and now I had a fifth box. It acutually fits neatly onto the shelf. I think the thread does not only make nice results (as the moon embroidery from yesterday or my wonderful poppies) but also looks very pretty on the shelf. What do you think?

How do you store your thread? And which one do you use?

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