A dressmaking course

Today my friend and I attended a sewing course. Why, some of you may ask, would one want to attend a sewing course with all those sewing videos on the intenet and with the sewing expierence I already have.

Well, there are several reasons, why I do that and I am really happy that I took the time for it:

  1. I have a time slot that is reserved for me and my sewing without a chance for my family to interrupt me
  2. I have quality time with my friend, that we both enjoy
  3. I meet new people which share at least one passion with me
  4. I am inspired by the creative space – colours, patterns, materials.
  5. I am learning always something new – sewing tipps, special material or tools, a good shopping locations

For today I had planned 3 projects:

  1. another Eliza (pattern by pattydoo) made of a scuba fabric which is the background of today’s picture
  2. my poppy Ibela (pattern by Freuleins) for which I have done the last embroideries during the last few days
  3. a skirt of a special printed fabric that I bought in Africa 2 years ago

Both dresses were already cut so I had thought that I would at least leave the course with two finished dresses. The Eliza actually is finished sewing and only the serger seams have to be finished and the neckline has to be done but I am too tired for that this evening. The Ibela has some more work left. The sleeves have to be sewn and inserted, the neckline and the seam are waiting. Sewing always takes longer than I anticipate.

My friend worked on her jacket that she started at the last course, and she also has some work left. Therefore we will meet again during the next week to finish our projects. I want my dresses finished for our vacation in a few weeks time.

And what did I learn today?

  • that I need new pins as mine are too short and too thick.
  • that it is much easier to sew over these thin needles
  • how to sew a dress with inserted pockets
  • that for topstitched seams the seam allowance has to be shortened
  • how to make a bust adjustment
  • that dress-making is not done quickly but takes some time
  • that I liked the atmosphere very much and will do it soon again

Well, I am very happy with my day.

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