A father’s happiness

My June was so packed with dates on the weekends that I totally forgot to do my second report on those Father’s days that are celebarated in June. In Belgium and Austria it is the second sunday, in The Netherlands, France and the English speakings countries it is the third sunday in June. So some designers released a freebie in June, and just to give a full report even though it is a little belated, here it is:

  1. Lilas Laundry: In the Webshop the friday freebie two weeks before the 16th of June was a „Papa Bear“ Key fob complementing the „Mama Bear“ Key fob for Mother’s Day a month earlier.
  2. BB Embroidery Designs: In the webshop the monthly freebie of June was the “#1 Dad“ mugrug
  3. Reading Pillows – Inspirational, Educational and Just Plain Silly: IIn the facebook fangroup there were three designs offered for free during 24 hours, which now can be bought on etsy: two Word squares in a pack and one design for late dads
  4. HatchEmbroidery: During June four still free available designs were released: SuperDad in Superman-Style, ChefMaster, BBQMaster and a Father’s Day Whiskey Glass
  5. PictureStitch : In the webshop there was a design for late dads released: a man with wings on his way to heaven. The members of the facebook fangroup received a code with which the design could be bought for free.

Instead of receiving a Father’s Day t-shirt or mugrug my husband enjoyed being a father during the soccer cup of the our four primary schools, while watching our children dance on stage, and at the end of term BBQ in the sports club and with the school. What a bliss each weekend!

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